Crown Lengthening


This procedure is designed to reshape the gums at the base of the desired tooth in order to expose additional tooth surface, and if necessary, adjust the bone level in order extend the height or size of the portion of the tooth that is visible above the gum-line so that your new restoration has enough tooth structure to hold it in place. Your gums need at least 2 mm of tooth surface area to bond with in order to prevent trapped foods and other potential problems.  If part of a tooth is missing or if the decay is too deep, crown lengthening is used to recreate the required amount of exposed tooth so that restorative dental procedures will not weaken or fall off. Crown lengthening is a common dental procedure.


There are a number of dental conditions that need restorations requiring crown lengthening. Common conditions are: short tooth, severe tooth decay below the gum line, or a tooth that has fractured and broken off beneath the gum line. Crown lengthening can reduce the bone level and gum tissue in order to allow your dentist to gain better access to your tooth.

When a tooth breaks, or if there is severe decay, the remaining healthy tooth area is reduced and this can affect the potential for a successful tooth restoration.  With crown lengthening, more of the tooth's surface will be exposed and this will help act as an anchor for future restorative work such as crowns, veneers, or more.


Do you have a smile that appears gummy? Crown lengthening can redefine your smile, providing you the ideal appearance you have been seeking. Unlike some other cosmetic procedures, crown lengthening is a permanent process - once it is done, you won’t need to repeat the procedure further down the road. In addition to an increase in self-esteem and self-confidence, the main advantages of crown lengthening include:

Symmetric Smile
The biggest reason for having a crown lengthening procedure done is to improve your smile. When there's too much gum tissue it tends to make your teeth appear short, or uneven. Crown lengthening takes care of the excess gum tissue and gives you a natural, beautiful, symmetrical smile.

One Time Treatment
Not like most dental procedures that require you to return to the office on several different occasions, crown lengthening only requires a single appointment. After the procedure is done, there's no need to undergo another one.

Greater Oral Health
Crown lengthening is likely to improve your oral health, especially if you are having the procedure done for health reasons. The procedure is often recommended if you have a tooth that has cracked below the gum line. Crown lengthening also helps the gum tissue to secure snugly around a tooth or crown, sealing out bacteria and preventing infection from bacteria. If a dentist recommends crown lengthening due to your having poor gums, then your oral health will greatly improve after the procedure is done.


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